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Asst. Chief Kristian Ebbesen Car 21

Captain Robert Hancock Jr. Car 22

1st Lieutenant Mitch Williams Car 23

Company A
302 Ball Pond Road
New Fairfield, CT 06812

President Michael Wrobel
Vice President Alex Kyriacou

Treasurer Mariela Varrone-Wrobel

Secretary Susan Guerriero

The year 1934 brought something new and exciting into the staid and normal life of the country

town of New Fairfield; something that probably it never would have seen but for the nerve and

initiative of a little band of men, both young and old, who could foresee the need of a growing

town, who met in the Town Hall and formed the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Company on

November 13, 1934.


At the beginning, the Company had no apparatus, not even pails or ladders, but this did not

phase the men, they had faith that they would find a way to get things rolling.  Between October 1934 and December 1935, things really got on there way. The idea was taking hold with a vengeance. During this time the Congregational Cemetery Association voted to give a

site with a frontage of 75 feet for the erection of a firehouse, provided the town would vote to build one. At a town meeting a resolution to be a firehouse was past by a vote of 89 for and 5 against.


The original firehouse still sits across from the current Town Hall and now houses the Board Of Education. CO A moved to its present location which is pictured above. The current location houses 2 attack pumpers (engines), a medium duty rescue truck, 2 tankers (1800 & 3000 gal), CO A ambulance, a 100' aerial truck, and old engine #1 (a 1932 Ford).

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