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Asst. Chief Rich Kalinka Car 31
Captain Bruce Kemble Car 32
1st LT. Tim Pfeiffer Car 33


President  Steven Immarigeon
Vice President Milton Craven

Secretary Chris Babcock

Treasurer Sharon Beers

Squantz Engine Company
255 Route 39
New Fairfield, CT 06812

In 1958, residents of the Squantz Pond area formed the Squantz Pond District Fire Association.  This came into being from a sense of urgency to provide the community with improved fire and ambulance protections and a quicker response time.  The association met at The Green Light Restaurant to plan the equipping and formation of a fire company.  Donations were solicited and many fund raising events were held for these purposes.  
Dreams started turning into reality in January of 1959 with the acquisition of land from the State to build a firehouse.  On May 25, 1959, the Squantz Engine Company was incorporated, receiving its charter from the state.  Work began to construct the original three bay single story station by the members themselves.  Members not only solicited materials and services from area residents and businesses, but paid for many with their own money.  During this time, the company acquired and equipped its first ambulance, a used 1942 Cadillac, which was temporarily parked next door at the Green Light Restaurant.  Later in the year, a 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck was purchased along with some hose and a portable pump.
The nucleus was now formed from which the fire company grew and progressed at an astonishing rate of accomplishment in a relatively short period of time.  Here is an account of some major events in the history of Squantz Engine Company.
1960- The company’s first engine, a 1949 Chevrolet/Woods pumper was purchased from Germantown Volunteer Fire Company of Danbury.  


1961- Began participating with Company “A” in their annual carnival to raise money for equipment.

1962- Ladies Auxiliary was formed.

1963- Ambulance replaced with a 1956 Cadillac; air horn alarm installed on the pole next to firehouse to alert members of emergencies.

1964- A 1949 Dodge four-wheel drive and a 1947 Mack were purchased and converted into water tank trucks.

1968- A 1952 GMC tank truck was donated by the Stephenson Fire Company of Monroe and was refurbished by the members to replace the 1947 Mack.  In November, the company’s first new piece of apparatus was delivered from Hahn Motors.

1972- Construction began on the second story building addition.

1974- Members became certified as Emergency Medical Technicians, the first in the area.

1981- Joined together with Ball Pond and Company “A” to form the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department.  

1983- Began construction of a one bay building addition on the north side of the building; members certified as Emergency Medical I.V. Technicians.ere  


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